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 Traditional & Professional

Sample images from my time in game development as a concept artist and art director and my oil painting series titled "survivalism". Survivalism was a part of the Emerging Masters exhibit (two years in a row) at the Laguna Art Museum, the Artist Corner Exhibit at Twitchcon, and hang in many international private collections. Click to view larger, then select the info button to get text descriptions about the content. 

3D Art

This section contains a few of my more recent pieces of three-dimensional artwork. I have always loved building and making physical things like characters and sets. The last object in this group of images was completed in about 40 minutes for a ceramics class I recently subbed for. Thank you for viewing. Click on the images to view larger.


Sample photographs taken for both fun and professional uses. Artistic shots of objects and scenery, then a puppy and his mother, a pre-prom photoshoot, and finally some action and candid shots at a gymnastics tournament. Click to view larger.


Sample video snippets where I explore new filming techniques and camera technology (gimbal and drone) while using after effects as a camera tracker and warp stabilizer and integrating licensed audio to develop editing techniques in premiere. Enjoy!

My Students' works

Samples of my students' work from from classes I teach at Laguna College of Art and Design: Perspective, Background for Games, and Architectural Visualization. Click to view larger, then select the info button to get text descriptions about the content.