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Sketching a Gorilla at the SD Zoo

Sketching a Gorilla - Any age level

An AP lesson build from the ground up to be valuable for intermediate and advanced artists.

ELL Lesson:
Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beasts - 

A lesson planned to accommodate for ELL students. Video instruction is fully visual and no text or audio is necessary to comprehend the skills being taught in this video. 

Designing a Colony on Mars

Designing a Colony on Mars - 11-12th AP

This lesson is for AP students grade eleven and twelve. This lesson will incorporate all previous skills such as knowledge of the elements of a picture, principles of design, observational drawing skills, self expression, etc. and will push the students into a new realm of thought. This will be the first time the students will truly be given a professional task to complete that has a direction, limitations, but still requires each person to find creative solutions to practical problems. We will push composition, and design skills to new heights while allowing the students to get involved in the sciences, astronomy, chemistry, and general practical survival knowledge. This is an interdisciplinary lesson between art and the sciences.

The full "Designing a Colony on Mars" lesson plan: Lets Colonize Mars

Orthographic Perspective and Design

Introduction to Perspective for Entertainment Design- 10-12th

This series of lessons are part of a much larger unit regarding learning foundational drawing skills. We will introduce the complexities of perspective using orthographic perspective, a simple way to create three dimensional forms on a two dimensional surface. These lessons will prepare students for more complex linear perspective tasks. Since perspective is so necessary for a drawer or painter to know, yet the task is often ignored due to its complexity, I provide a long list of scaffolding exercises, graphic organizers, culturally responsive additions, and IRL relevant tasks to not only teach the skill but to help motivate the kids to desire to learn. This is an interdisciplinary lesson between art and math (geometry).


Lesson 1 - Creating illusions - An introduction to Orthographic Perspective

Lesson 2 - Redesigning a personal object for both function and form - Intermediate Orthographic and Oblique perspective

Lesson 3 - Redesigning a personal space for both aesthetics and function - Advanced Orthographic with intro to multi point perspective.

Study of Comic Panel

Food Group Still Life - 7-8th

This lesson is for grade level seven and eight. In this lesson we work on our basic life drawing skills of sight-size measuring, using a viewfinder, and copying what we see in three dimensions onto a two dimensional piece of paper while studying the basic food groups to promote a healthy diet. This is a interdisciplinary lesson that spawns art and health science.

The full "Food Group Still Life" lesson plan: Food Group Still Life

Study of Comic Panel

Study of a Comic Panel - 7-8th

This lesson is for grade level seven and eight. In this lesson we delve into the basic skills necessary to proportionally draw from life using quality lines and learning to paint matched colors using practical color theory knowledge and appro[eriate painting techniques. Students will be introduced to the principles of design and elements of a picture in order to dissect the chosen image and apply these skills in their own works. This is an interdisciplinary lesson between art and basic math.

The full "Study of a Comic Panel" lesson plan: Currently being updated. Study of a Comic Panel

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